Bitterroot Twill Sunrise Chinos

Schnee's Bitterroot Twill Sunrise ChinosThe serenity of daybreak in the Bitterroot Valley inspired the 5-color collection of our signature chinos, made of 7.5oz, 100% cotton twill. Soft, simple, unstructured-like a prized day on the river.

Each pair features our signature triple stitching on key stress areas for long life, cotton plaid accent waistbands and two rear straight pockets with button closures.


In khaki, fieldstone, navy, rust and loden. Unfinished inseam (38″). Hemming available, $10. Imported.

You can order these pants from our online store, or you can visit us in Bozeman at either Schnee’s locations or at the Powder Horn!


Riverside Sweatshirt

Schnee's Riverside SweatshirtSometimes nothing beats a good sweatshirt. The feeling is like heading to the stream on a crisp morning, or stepping off the river all smiles into a cool Montana evening.

We made our Riverside™  Sweatshirt to be the perfect choice for you to put into your duffle no matter what your destination may be.  The Riverside features our distinctive western yoke, a subtle reminder of the joys of the West.

We make our signature sweatshirts from a hearty cotton/poly fleece. This luxurious fabric not only offers the comfort and softness of a favorite sweatshirt, but it will retain its shape and look good for years to come. In brick, olive, navy.

You can order this sweatshirt from our online store, or you can visit us in Bozeman at either Schnee’s or at the Powder Horn!

Schnee’s Annual Trail Event 2011!

Spring is here and now is the time to replace those worn out hiking boots and trail shoes and get prepared for the upcoming season with some new footwear from Schnee’s! This weekend marks Schnee’s Annual Trail Event at our flagship retail store in Historic Downtown Bozeman. Join us April 29th, 30th and May 1st and take advantage of the great savings on our entire selection of hiking and trail running footwear!

Save $10-$40 Off on all regular price outdoor footwear and shop our great selection of “Special Values” from Garmont, Merrell, Lowa and more starting at $59.95 (limited to stock on hand)! We are also excited to have Factory Reps from Scarpa, The North Face, Vasque, Lowa, Merrell, La Sportiva, Oboz, Garmont, Keen, Asolo, Salomon, Superfeet and Smartwool in store on Friday (12-5pm) and Saturday (10-4) along with our knowledgeable staff to answer all of your questions and to help get you fit for some new outdoor footwear!

Shop Friday and Saturday and receive a FREE pair of Smartwool outdoor socks while supplies last and don’t forget to sign up to win one of seven FREE pairs of shoes that we will be drawing for! The trail starts here and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Schnee’s 2011 Clothing Collection!

Our new Spring 2011 Catalog is now available and features over 30 new styles and colors of footwear and apparel. Whether this Spring finds you calving and sorting on the ranch, taking in time on your favorite trout stream or traveling abroad, Schnee’s new collection of apparel is sure to keep you comfortable and looking your best along the way.

Schnee's 2011 Spring Catalog

New for this season, and already a popular seller, is our Schnee’s Rugged Canvas Blazer™. Crafted from premium 6oz. cotton canvas, this lightweight  jacket features a relaxed fit and distinctive style. You are sure to find this casual jacket to be the perfect companion for an afternoon in the field or an evening on the town.


Schnee's Rugged Canvas Blazer

Another great addition to the Schnee’s clothing collection this year is the Stockman’s Dress Shirt™. This beautifully constructed shirt features a 100% cotton fabric and our signature snap front and cuffs. Whether you are wearing it with a suit and tie, or with our new Schnee’s High Country Jeans, the Stockman’s Dress Shirt is sure to become your new favorite shirt.

Schnee's Stockman's Dress Shirt

All of these items as well as the rest of our Spring and Summer collection can be seen at or in our new, full color catalog. Call or click today for a free copy! 1-800-922-1562!

Schnee’s 2011 Spring Collection!

Schnee’s 2011 Spring Catalog is out and full of new items for this year! Featuring over 30 new items and colors for Spring and Summer, Schnee’s has the apparel and footwear that you need to hit the trails, rivers or links this season!

Schnee's 2011 Sprin Catalog

Sure to be a favorite this season is our new Schnee’s Munsterlander Short. Crafted from 100%, ultra-soft 9oz. cotton, the Munsterlander Short offers an incredibly comfortable fit. Detail rich design includes leather reinforced button loops, 6 functional pockets and leather reinforced belt loops for added durability.

Schnee's Munsterlander Short

Recently updated for this season is our ever-popular Schnee’s Riverwashed Plaid shirt in both short-sleeve and long-sleeve. For 2011 we have added two new colors, added a button down collar and switched to a single, plain button chest pocket on this classic shirt.

Schnee's Riverwashed Plaid Shirt

Be sure to stop by today to see these great items as well as the rest of our new 2011 Spring Collection! Would you like a copy of our new catalog as well? You can call or click today for a free copy! 1-800-922-1562.

If The Boot Fits…

The Schnee’s Boot Fitting Guide

By Rob Stiehl. Rob is the marketing director at Schnee’s and previously worked as an assistant retail manager & outdoor footwear buyer for Schnee’s.  Rob is an avid outdoorsman in his free time.

For many people, the process of researching and selecting a new pair of technical footwear can seem quite daunting. Whether you are looking for a pair of trail runners, a new light hiker, or a new mountain hunting boot, there are a few steps that can be taken to simplify this process and help to ensure that you are purchasing the right piece of footwear to make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

Step 1 – Pick your activity

The first step of the selection process is to decide what activity you will primarily use the footwear for and then focusing your attention on that category when trying different models. Common categories for technical footwear may include:

Although a sturdy trail-running shoe will often be supportive enough to handle some light hiking on the side, this is not what the shoe is designed for and may result in the shoe wearing out more quickly than normal. Similarly, a burly all-leather backpacking boot can be extremely durable and amazingly supportive when carrying heavy loads, but the increased weight and medium to low flexibility associated with these boots can make them slightly less comfortable on light trails or when you are trying to cover ground at a faster pace.

Step 2 – Measure for size

Once you have decided on which category of footwear you are primarily interested in, the fitting process can begin. This is the most important step when buying technical footwear, and should be performed by someone well trained in boot fitting. Ideally, you want to have both feet measured and evaluated on a Brannock Device.  However, Schnee’s Customer Service boot specialists can help you with the process online or over the phone at 1-800-922-1562. Most people have slight variances in the length, width, or shape of their feet, and this is important information for both you and the boot fitter to know to achieve the best possible fit. Also, be sure to have your foot measured with a quality performance sock in the proper weight or thickness that you would normally wear with the footwear you have chosen.

Step 3 – Not too tight!

When fitting technical footwear, one of the most important things to consider is getting the proper length inside the shoe or boot. Roughly an extra half-inch of space is crucial in order to protect your feet from bruising and blistering, and to accommodate any swelling that may take place.

To check the length in footwear with a hard toe such as hiking boots, stand in the unlaced boot and gently tap your foot towards the front until your longest toe is just touching the front of the boot. You should now be able to easily fit your index finger directly behind your heel in the boot. This ensures that you have a “finger’s width” in the front of the boot to protect your toes while descending and this will also reduce pressure and friction on the heel when ascending.

As for the fit in the rest of the boot, you should be looking for a snug (not tight!) and secure fit from the heel of foot to the ball of the foot, and a slightly roomier fit in the toe box that will provide some wiggle room for your toes.

Step 4 – Test driving the boot

Now you can lace up the boots firmly and evenly, and test them on an incline board or ramp if one is available. If an incline board is not available, it is recommended that you wear the footwear on the carpet at home for a couple hours in the evening before wearing them outside. This will help to identify any tight spots or pressure points that should be addressed before taking your new investment to the trailhead.

A Word about Socks

Selecting the right sock for an activity can be about as complicated as finding the right footwear. Socks can be made from natural fibers such as wool or silk, or from synthetic materials such as acrylic or nylon blends. Socks also come in an array of thicknesses from ultra light to extremely heavy to accommodate different activities and climates.

Modern wool socks (such as Merino Wool SmartWool socks) are more comfortable than the wool socks of the past. Today, most wool socks are designed to be itch-free and washing machine safe. Unlike cotton or some synthetic materials, wool is extremely efficient at pulling moisture away from the foot while retaining its insulating properties despite being wet or dry. Wool works well in Gore-Tex® lined footwear and solid leather footwear because of wool’s ability to wick moisture at a slightly slower rate than synthetic materials, resulting in less moisture buildup inside of your footwear. One downside to wool socks is that it takes a bit longer for them to dry when compared to wet synthetic materials—frustrating when washing your socks in a backcountry stream or lake.

Synthetic socks are typically constructed from materials such as polyester, nylon, or acrylics that are very hydrophobic. These materials repel or “wick” moisture away from the foot at a very high rate, and absorb very little residual moisture from the foot. Synthetic socks are best suited for high activity use (i.e. trail running) and should be used with highly breathable footwear that will allow moisture to evaporate quickly. If you prefer using synthetic socks and are looking for one to use with Gore-Tex® or all-leather boots, try to find a sock that is a synthetic/wool blend such as the Thorlo Mountain Climbing Sock designed to move moisture at a slower rate in order to maximize the efficiency of the Gore-Tex® boot liner.

Performance Footbeds

Aftermarket footbeds are an excellent addition to any type of footwear. Often referred to as “insoles”, performance footbeds can be used to increase the support or cushion of a shoe, and can greatly improve the fit of most shoes and boots. Many footwear companies utilize inexpensive, generic footbeds that are often made from lightweight EVA foam that will compress and wear out relatively quickly. Performance footbeds are typically constructed of a dense synthetic foam top layer that is reinforced through the arch with a sturdy nylon or plastic frame for increased support and durability.

Superfeet® is a premium manufacturer of aftermarket performance footbeds. Superfeet® offers a range of models that will add support and improve the fit of your footwear whether it’s a western boot, a hiking boot, or a ski boot.  For most outdoor footwear applications, you will first need to remove the stock footbed from your footwear. Once you have removed the existing footbed, you can now use it as a template to trim your replacement footbed to fit your new footwear.

Caring for your Purchase

Now that you have found the perfect pair of boots or shoes and have been properly fit, you will want to take a few steps to protect your new purchase for trail ahead. In order to maximize the life of your new footwear, proper (and regular) cleaning and conditioning is a must.

Under normal wear, boots will collect dirt, grit and mud along seams and folds of the tongue as well as inside the boot. Boots do not necessarily need to be cleaned or conditioned after every hike (unless they become extremely muddy or wet), but removing excess dirt and mud will vastly improve the life of the leather and stitching.

To clean your footwear, start with an approved footwear cleaner or a small dish of warm water with a few drops of regular dish soap and a small soft bristle brush (old potato brushes or toothbrushes work great). Remove as much excess mud or buildup on the boots before cleaning the boots over a sink. Remove the laces and footbed from the boots and begin to gently scrub your footwear with a brush and cleaner paying special attention to seams and the tongue folds. It is also fine to partially fill the inside of the boot with water and gently swash around to remove any interior grit.

Once you footwear is clean, it is important to allow the boots to dry naturally at room temperature or with an electric boot dryer (do not place wet footwear in direct sunlight or in front of a stove or heater to dry!). After the boots have had a chance to fully dry, you will want to apply the appropriate conditioner/waterproofing to your footwear.  Following these steps will ensure that you get the maximum life expectancy out of your new footwear!

30th Annual Downtown Bozeman Christmas Stroll

It is that time of year again to bundle up and bring out the family for Bozeman’s annual Christmas Stoll December 4th from 4:30-7:30 PM. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Downtown Bozeman Christmas Stroll and is sure to be a fun-filled event for all involved.

The 30th Annual Christmas Stroll Poster features the work of Schnee's Graphic Designer Doug Zwang. Doug's submission was chosen by the Downtown Business Association from a pool of entries.

The annual Christmas Stoll is the perfect way to start off the Holiday Season. Many downtown shops extend their business hours for this event and activities abound for young and old alike. Numerous vendors line the streets offering many different types of food and hot beverages as well as hay-wagon rides up and down Main Street and a children’s petting zoo.

This event is free to all and is sponsored by various local businesses. If you would like to help support the annual Christmas Stoll, stroll buttons are available for purchase at many local downtown businesses and cost $3. These buttons will get you into even more great stroll activities hosted at the Emerson Cultural Center and Bozeman Public Library. With every button purchase you will also have a chance to enter to win one of many great prizes, including Bridger Bowl Ski passes! We hope to see you out during this great downtown event!